Arie King, was born and raised in Chicago, IL . King grew up in a family that had a strong love for music and her love for music was especially influenced by their grandmother. King’s family very often had parties which consisted mostly of singing karaoke and she was known for hogging the mic. As she grew older she began to DJ the parties, taking over for her grandmother. Members of her family frequently commented at how well she was able to keep every single person at the party engaged, from her cousins that were just beginning to walk to her 96 year old great grandmother.  

Throughout her life, King picked up several instruments, including guitar and piano, however singing was the only thing she ever fully threw herself into musically. King was a part of every single choir her school offered starting very early on. King had interest in nearly every medium of art and even tried a lot of them but singing was the most consistent thing in her artistic life. Throughout her K-12 years she was in numerous choirs, musicals, and plays. In high school alone, she was in three different choirs, including the school's advanced auditioned choir, Grape Jam. King was the Assistant Musical Director of her high school's rendition of Urinetown: The Musical and had stage roles in Chicago: The Musical and Sister Act.  

In high school they were the Co Editor in Chief of their school’s art magazine, Phaedrus Magazine. King was the teacher's assistant for her high school's television arts class.

King has also had a love for photography and cinematography for the majority of her life. She first started filming short films on her Nintendo DS and 3DS around the age of  9. In her adolescent years, King took numerous photography classes to build their skills and began to get comfortable around a larger array of cameras. In recent years, King has continued to sharpen their skills with odd jobs such as photographing weddings, filming and photographing concerts, and taking headshots for her friends. 

King is currently pursuing a bachelor's degree in music Industry Studies. They are entering their last year at Loyola University New Orleans