five years of studying astrology and three years studying tarot  Lots of experience reading for my friends (love and synastry are my strengths)

Helping people understand themselves and how they fit into the world around them. Understanding the people around them.



Strategy: I think my best marketing strategy is starting small and targeting friends of friends. I could offer my friends a free reading for every client they bring in. I would then use that bit of momentum to promote on instagram. For every client that is willing to have aspects of their readings anonymously publicized I would post a demo of the different readings offered on an instagram account for the business. Showing my work would benefit credibility as well as marketing. I’m a part of the art collective Art 2 Action which hosts local events that raise money for different charitable organizations and our events have performances as well as small business venders. Working parties like that and doing tarot readings, mini astrology readings that are not offered on my site, and having customers book regular astrology readings through my site to get at a later date is a really good way to gain some traction as well. 

Demographics: For this product I see the demographic being 16-27yr old women, non binary, and queer people. NOLA based but online audience as well.

Psychographics: I see my psychographics being spiritual people, a lot of girls asking about partners, people struggling to find purpose in certain aspects of life or feel stuck, people who don’t know much about astrology or tarot but are interested.




To start I looked at the websites of astrologers I use as mentors in a way and want readings from to get a feel for their prices. All of said astrologers are full time astrologers and have dedicated years to only astrology and have far more knowledge than I do currently. Taking their professionalism into consideration I adjusted the prices to what I felt was more appropriate for my skill level and my demographic. I noticed that their prices were dependent on the amount of work they were doing for each type of reading.  My goal is to be able to use the money I’ve used from doing readings to keep expanding my resources and skill and to just have some pocket change.


Taking into account the time it would take, the resources I’ve previously purchased and use, resources I want to buy in the future to further my skills(books, readings for myself to study different astrologers methods of delivery, apps and database access, etc) these are my prices.



full natal chart analysis - $75

Full service would take about 3 hours to complete at a quality I feel suitable for customers. 

big 6 analysis - $30

Big 6 would take about 1.5hrs

love reading - $45

Love readings are what I’m most skilled at. They would take about 1.5 hrs to complete but I felt my skill level was a bit higher which should be reflected in the price.

synastry reading - $55

Synastry readings are another one of my top skills. Completion of this reading would take about 2hrs.. 

synastry reading (DELUXE) - $65

Completing this reading would take about 2.5hrs

my pick! -$20

This would take about 1hr

one question - $20

This would take about 1hr

specific question - $25

This would take about 1-2hrs depending on the question.

current transit analysis - $25

This would take take about 1.5hrs



These prices are based more on the price of the decks I’ve purchased, time it takes to give reading/number of cards/questions, and the energy exerted and risk of doing readings.


one card one question - $10

three cards one question - $15

love spread- -$25

three cards three questions - $25




Books and decks I’ve purchased: $155

Everything you need to know about astrology $20

Astrology for lovers $25

Astrology for the soul $20

Modern witch $20

Light seers $15

Souls journey $25

Amor et psyche $20 

Write your own horoscope $10